Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs St. Paul Academy, Daechi?
Nacel Education USA manages SPAD with its curriculum based on Minnesota State Standards and AERO from US Overseas Schools. NE also has overseas campuses in Beijing, Shanghai, Yantai(China), Paris(France), Gdansk(Poland), Clark(Philippines), Tokyo(Japan), Botswana, and Seoul(Korea). They all apply the same curriculum.
I think I am more ready to study 'very hard' in your campus, but am a little afraid if my English might not be strong enough to study American curriculum. Do you have any special arrangements for this type of case?
We accept students whose English is 217 or higher in ELTiS. This is for the case of 9th grade. If you apply for the 10th, it needs to be five points higher. Any students whose English is slightly lower than our requirements will be double interviewed by the headmaster and the dean. If admission is allowed conditionally both in academics and behaviors, three hours of obligatory English courses will be arranged with half credits for two semesters, after which they will take the English test again and should prove that they are qualified to study in our campus, at least linguistically. The evening test prep courses and Study Hall will be automatically added to the forced schedule.
Can I study in other branch campus of Saint Paul as an exchange student while I am enrolled in SPAD?
Yes, you can. All branch campus of St. Paul use basically the same curriculum except Shanghai campus which is a science high school focusing on a STEM course of study, and campuses of Beijing and Clark have the special track of STEM. Of course, you can just take the non-STEM regular subjects there. If you like the school or the specific city where the campus is located you can opt to continue to stay there.
How is Saint Paul Academy, Daechi different from others in Korea?
SPAD is one of the branch campuses of Nacel Education, with the same curriculum and the same qualification requirements for teachers.
How do you assist students in applying for universities?
We understand that most of our students will go to universities mostly in the U.S., or in Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Britain, Canada, or Australia. We offer test prep courses of TOEFL and SAT, and normally we have a college counselor as a member of regular faculty to assist students in deciding their majors, schools, and any future plans.